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Magazine For Fashion Designers | Top Fashion Magazines

Magazine For Fashion Designers – Want to know the best magazine for fashion designers. We did a lot of research about top fashion magazine to help fashion model to achieve their goals. It is also the best ways to pass your time. Also, A fashion magazine updates about your favourite actor and actress performances.

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Top Magazine For Fashion Designers

#1. Vogue

Vogue is a very popular magazine in the fashion and lifestyle industry all over the world and India. It was started in 1892 in the US as a weekly newspaper. In this monthly magazine, you can read a lot of content of fashion, beauty, culture, lifestyle and entertainment. A lot of fashion and beauty experts share tips and own experiences through this magazine.

#2. Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is a second very popular magazine nowadays. It was first published in 1867. It tries to always update the latest news and fashion trends. Harper’s Bazaar is a very good source to learn new about Makeup, fashion trends, hair inspiration and designers. However, this Monthly magazine firstly published in India in March 2009 with Indian Actress Kareena Kapoor covered page.

#3. Grazia

Grazia is a very famous fashion magazine. In this magazine, you found fashion tips,  beauty advice & reviews, celebrity gossips & current events. It was first published on November 1938. It is a weekly magazine. If you want to interest in the biggest celebrity stories and real-life features then this magazine for you.

#4. Elle

Elle Magazine was firstly published in France almost 73 years ago. This magazine publishes in more than 25 languages. This Magazine publishes about fashion, health, beauty and entertainment. Elle brand also runs a youtube channel where you watch about celebrities and favourite shows. It is a monthly subscription-based magazine.

#5. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is a famous magazine for the fashion and entertainment industry. This magazine first issued in the 1886 year. Currently, this magazine publishes about the topic of fashion, beauty, sex tips, relationship & health. According to the record, Cosmopolitan is the largest women selling the magazine all over the world. It is published in 35 languages in more than 100 countries.

#6. Femina

Femina is a completely Indian magazine, owned by the Times Group. It was firstly published in July 1959. It covers fashion, beauty, careers, relationships topics in the magazine. This biweekly magazine publishes in English, Hindi, Tamil & Bengali Language. Femina also organised Femina Miss India Beauty Pageant and also sponsored a lot of contests from time to time.

#7. Verve

Verve is an Indian luxury magazine It was launched by Anuradha Mahindra in 1995. The magazine feature about fashion, beauty, women’s lifestyle, travel, food, arts and culture. This monthly magazine publishes in the English language only. In this magazine, you can also read about Bollywood stories & interviews with famous people.

#8. Marie Claire

Marie Claire magazine is an international magazine. This monthly magazine was firstly published on 5 March 1937. Marie claire publishes about fashion, beauty, hairstyles, women problems, health & relationships. This monthly magazine publishes in 24 languages all over the world.

#9. Women’s Era

Women’s era is an Indian magazine. It is a very interesting magazine for women because it covers some interesting topics like cookery, serial episode, Movie review, contests etc. Also, it covers fashion, health, beauty, travel, technology, This English language was firstly published in 1973. If we talk about readers of Women’s Era magazine then currently more than 24 lakhs readers of this magazine.

#10. Savvy

Savvy is a popular Indian magazine. It was launched in 1984. Savvy covers lots of topics like fashion, beauty, sex, glamour, food, fitness, decor etc. Savvy also features real success stories about woman power. Every month, the number of Savvy readers increasing because of its valuable content.

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